EU Commissioner Hill presents plans for Capital Markets Union

cep financial expert Van Roosebeke: Hill aims to make businesses less dependent on bank financing

The European Commission will launch on Wednesday a Green Paper consultation on the plans for a Capital Markets Union for all 28 EU member states. This consultation follows a first orientation debate at the College of Commissioners which was positive and supportive of the project, the Commission said. Jonathan Hill, EU Commissioner for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union, will give a press conference on the matter the same day. “Hill aims to make businesses less dependent on bank financing”, cep financial expert Bert Van Roosebeke explained. The Commission planned among other things to give small- and medium-sized companies an easier access to capital markets and create a label for high-quality securitizations. “It is still open to which extent the Commission will try to persuade insurance companies to invest more into long term infrastructure projects by loosening regulation,” Van Roosebeke said.