Energy ministers will discuss EU Commission plans for an European energy union

cep energy expert Reichert: For many energy policy issues there exists a chance of finding efficient solutions at the European level

The energy ministers of the EU member states on Thursday will have an exchange of views on the plans for an energy union. The discussions will be based on the EU Commission communication 'Strategic framework for the energy union', adopted last month. The Commission aims to reduce the dependence of member states on single energy suppliers and wants to assure a free flow of energy across borders. The key elements from the debate will be forwarded to European Council President Donald Tusk as contribution to the meeting of EU heads of states and governments on 19-20 March. “The EU energy policy is at crossroads between Europeanization and fragmentation given the diverging interests of member states,” cep energy expert Goetz Reichert explains. “For many energy policy issues – such as making energy supplies safer or subsidizing renewables – exists the possibility of finding efficient solutions at the European level. The EU Commission paper offers a reasonable approach which needs to be substantiated over the coming years.”