Cameron says he is delighted that EU reform talks are under way

The cep believes, though, that the chances for changes to the EU treaty ahead of Britain's in/out referendum are slim

British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Friday he was delighted the process of reform and renegotiation of the UK's membership of the EU is "properly under way," the BBC reported. Cameron had addressed EU heads of states and governments for ten minutes on Thursday at the European Council meeting in Brussels. The meeting was, however, dominated by the migrant crisis and the Greek debt crisis. While European Council president Donald Tusk said there was a will to help the UK, he added that basic values of the EU "were not for sale."

Cameron wants to reform the UK's membership of the EU before holding an in/out referendum at the end of 2017 the latest. The cep believes, though, that it is unlikely that Cameron will be able to push through major changes in the talks with his EU peers.