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IMF head Lagarde says a Greek exit would probably not be an end to the euro

cep expert Matthias Kullas believes it is right that Lagarde is openly talking about a 'Grexit'

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MEPs and Council of Ministers strike deal on Juncker's investment plan

cep expert Eckhardt says the investment plan will solve none of the real problems

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EU lawmakers narrowly reject draft law on bank structural reform

cep expert Baran warns if there's no consensus found the European Commission might withdraw the bill

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Cameron starts diplomatic offensive to renegotiate EU membership terms

cep argues in a new dossier that the chances for changes to the EU treaty ahead of Britain's in/out referendum are slim

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EU member states ponder abolishing roaming fees by the end of 2018

cep expert Philipp Eckhardt argues that an end to roaming surcharges would be arbitrary and uneconomic

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EU Commission adopts Better Regulation Agenda

"When the Council of Ministers and the Parliament negotiated, reaching a compromise was often more important than the quality of the law itself," cep expert Klaus-Dieter Sohn tells German daily Die Welt

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Merkel calls for EU's emissions trading system to become a global instrument

German Chancellor Merkel and French President Hollande will attend on Tuesday the "Petersberg Climate Dialogue" in Berlin

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EU member states want only limited roam-like-home, German daily Bild says

cep expert Philipp Eckhardt says an end to roaming surcharges would be arbitrary and uneconomic

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Cameron may bring EU referendum forward to 2016

cep expert Bert Van Roosebeke tells Reuters that EU Treaty changes won't happen, but EU member states cannot allow that Cameron returns from negotiations empty handed either

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EU Climate Commissioner Canete takes part in Petersberg Dialogue

German Chancellor Merkel and French President Hollande will give keynote speeches at the informal event in Berlin

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