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Rating agency Moody's sees France in danger of missing its fiscal targets

cep has said since a long time that France needs to undertake structural reforms to boost its competitiveness

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Germany's capacity reserve likely in breach with EU law

The cep already last month pointed to breaches of EU principles

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Germany ponders EU providing guarantees for Greek debt to IMF

German government wants to keep IMF on board without having to offer major debt relief for Greece

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Greeces reaches bailout deal "on a technical basis"

A political assessment will have to follow no, an EU Commission spokeswoman says

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Finland might not participate in third bailout for Greece

Finnish Foreign Minister Timo Soini: Of course we can stay out of it, that is possible

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Germany sees need for further bridging loan for Greece to repay ECB

It does not look like there will be a swift agreement with Greece, cep economist Bert Van Roosebeke tells Focus Online

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"US and Europe have unified goals for digital economy"

US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker says she came away "optimistic" from her talks in Brussels on Europe's digital single market strategy

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Negotiations between Greece and its creditors in Athens

Negotiators from the European Commission, ECB, IMF and ESM began official talks over the terms of a third, probably three-year aid program for Greece, totaling up to 86 billion euros. "Already now, it seems that the negotiations will be difficult and...

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ECB's Noyer sees contagion risk from Greece for foreign banks "next to zero"

cep President Lueder Gerken notes that a third bailout of Greece would only be legal if it was really indispensable for assuring financial stability of the eurozone as a whole

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Negotiations about a third bailout for Greece said to kick off Friday in Athens

cep economist Bert Van Roosebeke tells Germany's national radio Deutschlandfunk: We will see whether the creditors will be able to reach an agreement with Greece on a much broader and much more detailed program

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