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EU and Russia to meet over gas row on September 11

EU Energy Commissioner Canete has sent Russia and Ukraine a summary of points that still need agreement

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Work has started on a new power interconnection across the alps to Italy

Boosting electricity interconnections between member states is one of the EU's top priorities to improve security of energy supply

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Finland is emerging as EU's weakest economy, Finance Minister Stubb says

The cep already highlighted last year in its Default Index the need for action in Finland

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Malmström: EU Commission will publish from now on detailed TTIP reports

EU Trade Commissioner: Debate "seems to have been caught up in a fog of confusion"

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British voters believe there will be a second EU referendum if 'No' vote wins

cep still believes it is unlikely that British Prime Minister David Cameron will be able to push through major reforms of the European Union in the talks with his EU peers

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Germany's Bundestag approves new Greek bailout with large majority

According to Reuters there was, however, a sizeable rebellion in Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU/CSU party ranks

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Rating agency Moody's sees France in danger of missing its fiscal targets

cep has said since a long time that France needs to undertake structural reforms to boost its competitiveness

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Germany's capacity reserve likely in breach with EU law

The cep already last month pointed to breaches of EU principles

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Germany ponders EU providing guarantees for Greek debt to IMF

German government wants to keep IMF on board without having to offer major debt relief for Greece

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Greeces reaches bailout deal "on a technical basis"

A political assessment will have to follow no, an EU Commission spokeswoman says

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