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Greek debt relief is at the top of Tsipras agenda, Reuters cites Syriza source

cep economist Kullas says a nominal haircut would impact stronger than extending maturities or lowering interest rates

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EU environment ministers approve creation of market stability reserve

The new reserve aims at tackling structural supply-demand imbances in the EU emission trading scheme

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EU Commission proposes new Investment Court System for TTIP

cep already said in July that an international court is required for TTIP rather than ad hoc arbitral tribunals

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Environment ministers prepare EU position for Paris Climate Change Conference

Council is expected to adopt conclusions reflecting its negotiating position

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Germany opposes EU proposal for common deposit-insurance system

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble: "We have to make sure not to put the cart before the horse"

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New gas pipeline project Nord Stream-2 comes under heavy criticism

Ukraine says Nord Stream-2 is affecting the security of continuous gas supply of the EU's southeastern member states

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ECB wants common European approach on writing of bank debt

Central bank says diverging national rules create unertainty

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Juncker: EU has made "most ambitious contribution" to upcoming climate conference

EU Commission President: One example where the European Union is already leading is in its action on climate change

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ECB reportedly set draft capital ratios for most supervised banks

According to Bloomberg, the annual Supervisory Rewiev and Evaluation Process plans were signed off last week

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Majority of British voters back leaving the EU, new poll shows

51 per cent would vote to quit the EU against 49 per cent who would vote to remain

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