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EU Commission to set out antitrust charges against Russia's Gazprom

cep energy expert Goetz Reichert: Given the high dependency of many EU states on Russian gas deliveries, it is especially important that Gazprom adheres to EU competition rules

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Dombrovskis hopes for agreement with Greece at meeting in May

cep economist Matthias Kullas warns, however, European institutions are well advised to prepare themselves for a Greek payment default

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Still no deal in sight for cash-strapped Greece

cep economist Matthias Kullas tells Germany's Focus Online that an exit of Greece from the eurozone remains unlikely

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EU lawmakers agree on imposing cap on traditional biofuels

cep expert Moritz Bonn: Cap on the use of conventional biofuels can limit the risk of a negative climate impact from indirect land use change

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EU Commission charges Google in antitrust-case

cep expert Bert Van Roosebeke: Under an extreme scenario the Commission could even demand that Google separates the search business from its other businesses by changing ownership

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"Debt default does not automatically mean an exit of Greece from the eurozone"

cep economist Matthias Kullas says the slow progress in the negotiations between Greece and its creditors indicate that the government is actually prepared to allow a debt default

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"Wednesday's press conference will be a tightrope walk for Draghi"

cep economist Van Roosebeke: It will be interesting to see if ECB President Draghi will comment on a possible smaller size or premature end of the bond buying program

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IMF head Lagarde: "Yes, I've got my money back"

cep economist Matthias Kullas says Greece must swiftly come to an agreement with the EU and the IMF over its reform plan if it wants to be able to pay its bills also in the future

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Russia says Greece could become major European gas transit hub

cep energy expert Moritz Bonn doubts that Turkish Stream will prove more lucrative for Gazprom than abandoned South Stream project

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ECB's Mersch: Could trim asset purchasing program if inflation picks up earlier

cep economist Bert Van Roosebeke says Mersch's announcement can contribute to keeping inflation expectations anchored

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