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EU-Turkey summit in Brussels

The main objective on Monday is to buy time to fix Europe’s malfunctioning asylum system

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Weber strongly supports Euro

The former head of the German Bundesbank Axel Weber strongly criticised the recent policy of the European Central Bank while he again praised the Euro.

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"We need to ensure a competitive business environment!"

EU Digital Commissioner Günther Oettinger in a discussion on the consumer internet industry, led by cep and Hubert Burda Media.

On 24 February, 2016 cep economist Dr. Bert Van Roosebeke presented the results of a study on competition challenges in...

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Moscovici: EU Commission has no plan 'B' on British referendum

"The day we start talking about a plan `B' is the day we no longer believe in our plan 'A'," the Economic Affairs Commissioner says

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EU leaders announce plans for migrant summit with Turkey in March

“We agreed that our joint action plan with Turkey remains a priority,” European Council President Tusk says

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EU Commission head Juncker 'quite confident' of UK summit deal

European heads of states and governments discuss EU reforms to keep Britain in the 28-nation bloc

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EU leaders will try to water down Tusk's welfare proposal, Telegraph says

According to the British paper, there exist plans to limit the "emergency brake" to only newly-arrived migrants

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"The risk of a break-up is real," EU's Tusk says

European Council President sends stark warning ahead of EU summit this week

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Tusk hopes for a deal on EU reforms at leaders summit this week

Meanwhile, a new poll shows that four in five British and German executives want the UK to stay in the EU

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"Refugee crisis will not end before root causes are addressed"

A radical strengthening of the EU migration system and a coordinated European response are needed, the EU Commission says

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