Out for “Spitzenkandidaten” process?

Who would have thought that? Less than a month after the clear commitment of many Europeans to the EU and the highest turnout in 25 years in elections to the European Parliament, the euphoria has evaporated. However, one could have guessed that.

While the European Parliament's celebrated top candidate process had only few supporters in the European Council. The main opponent was the French President Macron, celebrated by many as a savior for the EU, who rejected it from the outset. The heads of states and governments of the EU have now agreed on a personnel proposal for Europe's top jobs after a long wrangling. In doing so, they adhered – what seems to be forgotten in the eagerness of today´s debate - to the European Treaties. This says that the European Council must "take into account the outcome" of the European elections. From a legal point of view, when selecting a candidate for the Commission Presidency, the Council does not need to be guided by the nominated top candidate, but at most by the composition of the European Parliament! Of course, the Council cannot have any interest in damaging the EU Parliament in the long term, which is why it would soon have to set the course for transnational lists in the next EP elections. Without them, there would be a high probability that the top candidate process will be buried once and for all.