New Brexit deal

EU and UK negotiators agree on Brexit agreement

The United Kingdom's withdrawal from the EU is now on the agenda of today's EU summit in Brussels. According to EU Commission President Juncker and British Prime Minister Johnson, there will also be a new Brexit agreement. Juncker comments on Twitter: "Where there is a will, there is a deal - we have one".

The negotiating teams on both sides seem to have resolved open points of contention. Among them is a tariff regulation for Ireland and Northern Ireland.

If the EU heads of state and government approve the agreement, it will be voted on in the House of Commons on Saturday. However, Johnson's coalition partner, the Northern Ireland DUP party, has already reaffirmed that it will not agree to the deal.


The United Kingdom concludes the withdrawal agreement with the European Union under Article 50 TEU. It must therefore still be accepted by the remaining 27 Member States. This requires an extended qualified majority of 72% - that is at least 20 Member States - who must also represent 65% of the population of the remaining Member States. In addition, the European Parliament must give its assent by a simple majority. There are no plans under EU law for national parliaments to deal with the agreement - which could have well delayed the vote on the agreement in the Council and/or its entry into force.