Negotiations on Britain's demands for EU reform enter hot phase

British Prime Minister Cameron will meet EU Council President Tusk and EU Commission President Juncker

EU Council President Donald Tusk will meet British Prime Minister David Cameron in London late Sunday, AFP reported. The purpose of the meeting will be a discussion before Tusk finalises his proposal covering all four British reform demands, the news agency cited a Tusk spokesman.

The British Prime Minister is also due to meet EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels on Friday. Juncker said earlier this month he was confident the EU would be able to reach a deal with Britain on a reform of the European Union. “I am quite sure we will have a deal — not a compromise, a solution, a permanent solution — in February,” the EU Commission head said.

Cameron wants to reform Britain's relationship with the EU before a membership referendum due by the end of 2017. The cep, however, believes that he will not be able to push through major reform changes in his negotiations with the leaders of the other EU member states.