Majority against Hungary unlikely

European Parliament report recommends sanctions against Hungary. But as long as the EPP covers Orbàn, the 2/3 majority of MEPs which is required for an Article 7 procedure, is unlikely to be achieved, according to Pötzsch, legal expert at cep.

According to a report presented by the European Parliament on 12 April 2018, democracy and the rule of law are in danger in Hungary. The responsible rapporteur, MEP Judith Sargentini, has therefore recommended that a sanction procedure should be initiated against Hungary, as is already being done against Poland.

“The Hungarian people can no longer count on the fundamental rights that we take for granted in the rest of Europe,” Sargentini said. “In Europe, we commit ourselves to the shared values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law and human rights. Regrettably, Hungarians cannot be certain that they will be given honest and equal treatment by their government”, she added. “I cannot reach any other conclusion than to call for the activation of article 7. We need to stand up for the Hungarian people whose rights have been undermined”, Ms Sargentini concluded.

Given the position of the European People's Party, cep legal expert Urs Pötzsch considers it unlikely, however, that this would be supported by a necessary two-thirds majority of members of the European Parlament. 


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