European Commission proposes next steps towards a new asylum system

In a continuing response to the ongoing migration and refugee crisis, the European Commission has suggested a new asylum system for the EU.

The overall objective is to move from a system which by design or poor implementation places a disproportionate responsibility on certain Member States and encourages uncontrolled and irregular migratory flows to a fairer system which provides orderly and safe pathways to the EU for third country nationals in need of protection or who can contribute to the EU's economic development. The EU – it says - needs a robust and effective system for sustainable migration management for the future that is fair for host societies and EU citizens as well as for third country nationals and countries of origin and transit. For it to work, this system must be comprehensive, and grounded on the principles of responsibility and solidarity.

A final legislative proposal the Commission plans to present in June or July.

For more details read the Opens external link in new windowCommission proposal.