EU Commission presents action plan to modernise EU copyright rules

cep expert Iris Hohmann tells German business daily Handelsblatt that the Commission's proposals are rather disappointing

The EU Commission presented on Wednesday an action plan to modernise EU copyright rules. The plan is built on four complementary pillars of equal importance: Widening access to content across the EU, exceptions to copyright rules for an innovative and inclusive society, creating a fairer marketplace and fighting piracy. “While today all conditions are not met to consider full alignment of copyright rules across the EU in the form of a single copyright code and single copyright title, this should remain an aspiration for the future,” the Commission said in a press statement. cep expert Iris Hohmann told German business daily Handelsblatt, though, that the proposals were rather disappointing. “After such a long discussion not much has remained from the Commission’s initially quite ambitious plans,” Hohmann said.