"Clean mobility": new CO2 limits for passenger cars and light vans

EU Commission presents legislative package to promote clean mobility

The legislative proposals are based on new targets for the average CO2 emissions of new passenger cars and light vans. Their aim is to reduce the average CO2 emissions of these vehicles by 15% in 2025 and 30% in 2030 compared to 2021. Automobile manufacturers can continue to decide for themselves which technologies they want to use for this purpose. Contrary to earlier discussions, they are not to be given a binding quota for electric cars. However, they will be rewarded if they offer low-emission and emission-free vehicles.

In principle, cep welcomes this technology-neutral approach. However, the CO2 targets proposed have only a limited climate protection effect. By contrast, the inclusion of road transport in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme would lead to ecologically effective and economically efficient climate protection.

The "Clean Mobility" legislative package also includes a proposal for a Directive on the promotion of clean vehicles in public tendering procedures, an action plan for the European-wide introduction of an alternative fuel infrastructure and a revision of the Directive to promote the combined use of different modes of freight transport (e. g. lorries and trains).