Brexit: Announcement and Negotiations

On 29 March, British Prime Minister Theresa May made the formal request to leave the EU. Now the future relations between the EU and London will be clarified. Although many things are still open, analysts of cep expects that Brexit negotiations could produce a "Ukraine Plus Model".

Any agreement on the future relations must ensure an equalization of interests for all parties. The EU's core concerns must and will also be to prevent Brexit imitators among the remaining member states. These requirements could be met by a "model Ukraine +".

This model corresponds best to the British objectives in that it contains extensive reciprocal market access and in addition – other than most common free trade agreements such as CETA – provides for a cooperation in security and defence policy. Other than the Norway and Switzerland Model, "Ukraine Plus" does not entail free movement und requires neither the transposition of EU law into national law nor compliance with the case law of the ECJ. Thus the United Kingdom's key requirements are met.