A ban on disposable plastic goes far beyond the goal

The EU Commission intends to take action against plastic waste by banning certain disposable plastic products. Plastic tableware, plastic cutlery, plastic straws, cotton swabs and balloon plastic holders should be banned by the Member States.

Of course, disposable plastic products can get into nature and cause damage there, especially if they get into the marine environment. However, an European ban on such products massively restricts consumer choice and ignores the polluter pays principle.

The use of disposable plastic products is no problem for the protection of the environment if the waste is properly disposed. It would therefore be better to inform and encourage consumers through awareness-raising campaigns - e.g. in schools - and through market-based instruments such as deposit systems. Bans, on the other hand, should only be imposed as a last resort by local authorities in the vicinity of particularly sensitive ecosystems.

see cepPolicyBrief Strategy for Plastics