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Budget surveillance by an independent institution

In his speech on Europe at the cep in Freiburg, Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann presented "Perspectives for the Euro area and Europe".

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Brexit White Paper is like "Ukraine Plus" style

More than two years after the Brexit referendum, the British government has put its ideas for the future relations with the EU into concrete terms in a White Paper.

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Reform of the Eurozone adjourned

Several member states of the Eurozone have considerable reservations about the proposals submitted. cep is also not convinced of the need for a Eurozone budget.

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A ban on disposable plastic goes far beyond the goal

The EU Commission intends to take action against plastic waste by banning certain disposable plastic products. Plastic tableware, plastic cutlery, plastic straws, cotton swabs and balloon plastic holders should be banned by the Member States.

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EU adopts quota for video platforms

The European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council have agreed on a revision of the Audiovisual Media Services and Video Platforms Directive.

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Majority against Hungary unlikely

European Parliament report recommends sanctions against Hungary. But as long as the EPP covers Orbàn, the 2/3 majority of MEPs which is required for an Article 7 procedure, is unlikely to be achieved, according to Pötzsch, legal expert at cep.

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Stronger supervision for parcel delivery services

The plenary session of the European Parliament has now formally approved the agreement on the new regulation on cross-border parcel delivery services

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EU Commission presents measures for a sustainable and innovative financial system

The EU Commission presented today a package of measures to deepen the Capital Markets Union, focusing on sustainable finance, innovative financial services (fintech) and crowdfunding.

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Agreement on the Posting of Workers Directive

At the trilogue meeting on 28 February 2018, the EU Parliament, the Council and the EU Commission agreed on a common stance for reforming the Posting of Workers Directive.

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Better cross-border protection for consumers

The new EU regulation to improve cooperation between national consumer protection authorities - the so-called CPC regulation - is now in force.

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