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British government sees "breakthrough" on issue of "emergency brake"

According to The Times, however, Brussels is digging in against a move to allow the “emergency brake” to be applied for longer than four years, while Cameron is insisting that he wants it to last for at least seven years

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"Greece cannot and will not sink refugee boats"

Athens is rejecting accusations by the EU Commission that it is neglecting border protection

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Negotiations on Britain's demands for EU reform enter hot phase

British Prime Minister Cameron will meet EU Council President Tusk and EU Commission President Juncker

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EU Commission: Greece seriously neglected control of EU's external borders

Greece will have three months to implement actions, EU Commission Vice President Dombrovskis says

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Regling sees lengthening maturities and interest deferrals for Greece

The head of Europe’s permanent rescue fund ESM, Klaus Regling, rules out a nominal haircut for Greek debt. cep economist Matthias Kullas thinks this is a mistake

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Single Resolution Fund "needs to be duly funded," ECB's Costa says

The ECB Governing Council member calls on the EU to rapidly beef up the fund

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Draghis says refugee crisis is an opportunity for EU member states

The ECB President stressed, though, that it was important that EU leaders worked together to turn the challenge of coping with refugees

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Polish Prime Minister says new laws are in line with EU standards

Still, Beata Szydlo vows to cooperate in the EU Commission’s increased scrutiny of Poland’s rule of law

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Cameron ponders boosting British parliament's sovereignty in EU

"We already asserted the sovereignty of parliament back in 2010," Cameron tells BBC. "If it is necessary to do that again ... we will."

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Germany's Spahn: We want to support Britain wherever we can

Deputy Finance Minister Jens Spahn tells Bloomberg Television that British Prime Minister David Cameron is raising “some right questions” in seeking to limit welfare-state benefits for immigrants from other EU member states

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