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Cross-border distribution of collective investment funds


Financial Markets

The EU Commission wants to contribute to the promotion of the cross-border sale of investment funds. The corresponding proposals for a regulation and a directive provide, ...more

CO2 Targets for New Lorries



In order to reduce CO2 emissions in the road transport sector, CO2emission targets for lorries are to be introduced for the first time. The EU Commission has therefore ...more

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“New Deal” for Consumers – Representative Actions


Consumer & Health

A new EU Directive on representative actions for the protection of the collective interests of consumers is to replace the existing Directive on injunctive relief. It is ...more

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EU Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)


Financial Markets

The responsibilities and powers of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) are to be significantly widened. For this purpose, the EU Commission has proposed ...more

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Marine Pollution from Plastic Products



The EU wants to help reduce marine pollution caused by plastic products and packaging. For this purpose, the EU Commission has submitted the proposal for a Directive on ...more

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ELSA Freiburg Spring Conference 2017

Bert Van Roosebeke at panel discussion attended by politicians, journalists and law experts on "The future of Europe", Sunday 28th, May, 2017.