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EU-Insurance Watchdog (EIOPA)


Financial Markets

The European supervisory authority EIOPA will take on more responsibility for the supervision of insurance companies. In this regard, the establishment of an independent ...more

Reform Delivery Tool to Support Structural Reforms


Economic & Fiscal...

The EU Commission wants to introduce a “reform delivery tool” to provide financial support for structural reforms in the Member States and test it in a pilot phase. In ...more

EU Finance Minister


Economic & Fiscal...

With the creation of an EU Finance Minister, the European Commission wants to improve coordination of economic policy in the EU. With this aim, he will combine three ...more

Cybersecurity – Part 1: ENISA Reform



The EU Commission wants to improve cybersecurity in the EU and for this purpose strengthen the cybersecurity agency ENISA. In cep’s view, this is urgently needed. The ...more

Combined Transport



By introducing new support criteria for "combined transport", the EU Commission wants to shift more freight traffic off the roads and onto railways and waterways. In ...more

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cep on the road


Young Professionals Seminar: “Understanding Europe”

United Europe’s 12th Young Professionals Seminar in Freiburg/Breisgau from April 20 to 22, 2018.

For this workshop, we will focus on: Understanding Europe & Regulatory policy in the EU