Current Analyses

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Coordination of Social Security Systems


Employment & Social...

There is a dispute in the EU regarding the reform of the rules on the coordination of social security systems. The reform includes the rules on unemployment benefits, ...more

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Ethics Guidelines on Artificial Intelligence


Digital Economy

This year, both the EU and the OECD have presented their own ethics guidelines for the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). A cepInput compares the two ...more


Gas Supply in the EU



EU gas supply rules have been comprehensively reformed over the last three years. The cep has assessed the reform in an input....more

Combating Disinformation


Single Market &...

The EU wants to combat disinformation more effectively, particularly via the Internet. This is based on a joint communication from the European Commission and the High ...more

What Role is left for National Authorities within the Single Supervisory


Financial Markets

On 30 July 2019, the German Federal Constitutional Court has decided whether the single supervisory mechanism (SSM) of the euro zone complies with the German ...more

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