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Aviation Security Screening Equipment



An EU certification scheme for aviation security screening equipment – e.g. metal detectors or body scanners – intends to overcome fragmentation of the internal market. ...more

EU Deposit Guarantee Scheme in the European Parliament


Financial Markets

The European Parliament discusses the EU Commission's proposal to introduce an EU deposit guarantee scheme. The cepAdhoc assesses the European Parliament's draft report....more

Geo-blocking and other forms of discrimination


Single Market &...

The EU Commission is planning to ban geo-blocking and other discrimination based on nationality, place of residence or establishment in order to improve cross-border ...more

Pillar of Social Rights


Employment & Social...

The EU Commission proposes the introduction of a "Pillar of Social Rights" which is to contain principles for the approximation of the social policies of the Member ...more

Low-Emission Mobility



With a strategy for low-emission mobility, the EU Commission intends to help reduce CO2 emissions and air pollutants caused by transport. In cep's view, the Commission's ...more

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cep on the road


Press briefing and presentation of new study on The European Financial Supervisory Authorities (ESA), 18 Oct. 2016 in Brussels

The cep | Centre for European Policy and the Munich Financial Centre Initiative (fpmi) will present their new study on "The European Financial Supervisory Authorities: Room for improvement on Levels 2 and 3"