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EU-Banking Authority (EBA)


Financial Markets

The European Commission wants to give the European Banking Authority (EBA) more responsibility for financial supervision. In cep’s view, however, the EBA’s new tasks, to ...more

Stabilisation Function


Economic & Fiscal...

The EU Commission wants to use a "stabilisation function" to protect Member States, and particularly eurozone countries, from the consequences of an economic shock. For ...more

Guarantee Law for Sales of Goods


Consumer & Health

Due to reasons of cost, traders refrain from offering their goods across borders and consumers shy away from purchasing in other countries due to legal uncertainty. The ...more

CO2 Limits on Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles



In order to reduce CO2 emissions in road transport, CO2 limits on cars and light duty vehicles will be further tightened. The EU Commission has made a proposal for a ...more

cepDefault-Index 2018


Economic & Fiscal...

As the cepDefault-Index shows, the trends in creditworthiness over the last year have varied between the eurozone countries. Thus the ability to repay debts of two-thirds ...more

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cep on the road


Young Professionals Seminar: “Understanding Europe”

United Europe’s 12th Young Professionals Seminar in Freiburg/Breisgau from April 20 to 22, 2018.

For this workshop, we will focus on: Understanding Europe & Regulatory policy in the EU