Current Analyses

Monitoring the CO2 from Heavy Duty Vehicles



The EU Commission is aiming to bring in a new registration and monitoring system for the CO2 emissions and fuel consumption of new lorries and buses. This means ...more

Work-life Balance


Employment & Social...

The EU Commission wants to increase women’s participation in employment. With this aim, work life balance is to be improved and incentives created for men to claim ...more

Discriminatory national restrictions in the internal market


Single Market &...

53 retail and wholesale trading companies in 22 EU Member States were asked whether and by what measures they are hampered when trading in the EU internal market. ...more

Data Transfers to Third Countries


Consumer & Health

The EU Commission wants to make the transmission of personal data to non-EU countries easier in order to promote mutual trade and effectively combat international crime. ...more

Derivative Rules (EMIR)


Financial Markets

The Commission wants to improve the rules in the EMIR Regulation, particularly those relating to over-the-counter derivatives. In the PolicyBrief on the proposal from the ...more

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ELSA Freiburg Spring Conference 2017

Bert Van Roosebeke at panel discussion attended by politicians, journalists and law experts on "The future of Europe", Sunday 28th, May, 2017.