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Digital Single Market: eGovernment Action Plan



The EU Commission wants to push ahead with the digital transformation of public administrations. In cep's view, cross-border eGovernment services facilitate the mobility ...more

National 2021-2030 climate targets for non-ETS sectors



The EU Commission will allocate Member States with national targets for reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) in sectors not subject to EU emissions trading (ETS) (e.g. ...more

Redistribution between the EU Member States


Economic & Fiscal...

Calculating redistribution in the European Union has so far been based exclusively on the EU budget. Its figures are used to determine the "net recipients" and "net ...more

Carbon Leakage



The EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) is an ecologically sound and economically effective instrument for climate protection. In cep's view, the ETS can only contribute to ...more

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Brexit and its consequences for the EU

Economic experts went to great lengths to warn voters about the risks of Brexit, but British voters have decided to withdraw from the European Union. How serious the consequences for the British will be is going to depend on two factors – how quickly they deal with the EU and how they go about it. There are different possibilities of what can be decided between the UK and the EU. on

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