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Regulating telecoms independently of market power



The Commission wants to extend the regulation of telecoms network operators independently of market power in order to speed up the deployment of very high capacity ...more

Digital Cross-border Transmission of TV and Radio


Digital Economy

With the new Regulation, the EU Commission wants to facilitate cross-border access to television and radio programmes via digital channels. In cep's view, the Regulation ...more

The UK Government’s Brexit White Paper


EU Treaties &...

A White Paper presented by the UK Government on 2 February 2017 outlines the strategy of the United Kingdom for the exit negotiations with the EU. It entails several new ...more

Energy Efficiency



The Energy Efficiency Directive of 2012 is to be amended. A stricter, and now also binding, energy savings target of 30% by 2030 will apply in the EU. In order to achieve ...more

"Ukraine Plus" as a Model for Brexit


EU Treaties &...

Brexit negotiations could produce a "Ukraine Plus Model". This is the conclusion reached by the authors of the latest cepAdhoc. They compare the British Prime Minister's ...more

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How Occupational Pensioner’s benefit from European regulation

Conference held by the European Parliament and the European Commission at the House of European Union in Vienna, with a speech by Bert Van Roosebeke on "Occupational retirement provisions in BRD and other European countries"