Current Analyses

Derivative Rules (EMIR)


Financial Markets

The Commission wants to improve the rules in the EMIR Regulation, particularly those relating to over-the-counter derivatives. In the PolicyBrief on the proposal from the ...more

Security of the Electricity Supply



The EU wants to oblige Member States to undertake closer regional cooperation in the avoidance and management of electricity crises. In cep’s view, this could avoid ...more

Professional Regulation


Employment & Social...

The EU Commission wants to ensure that, in future, prior to the introduction or amendment of national provisions to regulate professions, these will be assessed more ...more

Consumer Financial Services


Financial Markets

The EU Commission wants to strengthen the internal market for consumer financial services. In its analysis of the Commission’s Communication, cep regards as appropriate ...more

Organisations to regulate the EU Electricity Market



The EU Commission’s proposed reform of the EU Energy Agency ACER and the creation of additional organisations aims to improve regulation of cross-border electricity ...more

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ELSA Freiburg Spring Conference 2017

Bert Van Roosebeke at panel discussion attended by politicians, journalists and law experts on "The future of Europe", Sunday 28th, May, 2017.