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Merkel calls for EU's emissions trading system to become a global instrument

German Chancellor Merkel and French President Hollande will attend on Tuesday the "Petersberg Climate Dialogue" in Berlin

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EU member states want only limited roam-like-home, German daily Bild says

cep expert Philipp Eckhardt says an end to roaming surcharges would be arbitrary and uneconomic

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Cameron may bring EU referendum forward to 2016

cep expert Bert Van Roosebeke tells Reuters that EU Treaty changes won't happen, but EU member states cannot allow that Cameron returns from negotiations empty handed either

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EU Climate Commissioner Canete takes part in Petersberg Dialogue

German Chancellor Merkel and French President Hollande will give keynote speeches at the informal event in Berlin

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"Brexit" threat looms after Tory win in UK election

cep economist Bert Van Roosebeke tells German national broadcaster Deutschlandfunk, he still believes that the outcome of the referendum will be in favor of EU membership

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EU Commission unveils ambitious plans for a Digital Single Market

cep expert Van Roosebeke: Main hurdle will be to convince the member states to agree to an EU-wide regulation

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IMF says Finland needs more structural reforms

cep already highlighted last year in its Default Index the urgent need for action in the nordic country

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Oettinger will present EU-Commission's strategy for Europe's digital future

Strategy will detail the key actions to be taken as well as the roadmap for delivering them

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European Court of Justice to publish judgment on ECB's OMT program on June 16

cep legal expert Oliver Sauer: ECJ's advocate general has argued for giving the ECB plenty of rope

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eCall: Automatic emergency call devices in all new car models from 2018

cep traffic expert Nima Nader: eCall will contribute to road safety by allowing emergency services to be at accident locations faster

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