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German Finance Minister Schaeuble tells Greece it has to put numbers to its reforms

cep President Gerken: It has to be feared that Greece will be able to water down many of its refom commitments

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EU's Moscovici threatens sanctions against France over deficit goals

cep expert Kullas: Stability Pact is still not taken seriously by member states

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Hearing on implementation of EU directive on deposit guarantee schemes

cep division head for financial services, Bert Van Roosebeke, will take part as an expert in the hearing in the financial committee of Germany's lower house, the Bundestag

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cep expert Kullas: 'Grexit' poses unforeseeable risks to all member states

In the case of an exit of Greece from the Eurozone, the currency union would lose its infinite character, Matthias Kullas explains in an interview with German broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk

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EU Commissioner Canete announces Renewable Energy Package

Canete: EU market for renewable energy must be fully integrated

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EU Commissioner Ansip calls for swift end to roaming surcharges in Europe

cep telecommunications expert Eckhardt says the EU Commission's plans are problematic

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Germany goes to European Cort of Justice in EU row over renewables' subsidies

cep expert Goetz Reichert: Germany is questioning whether its subsidy scheme for renewables is correctly qualified by the EU Commission as state aid

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EU Commissioner Hill presents plans for Capital Markets Union

cep financial expert Van Roosebeke: Hill aims to make businesses less dependent on bank financing

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EU and Greece hope for agreement on Monday

cep expert Kullas says it is not surprising that the Greeks are delaying an agreement literally until the last minute

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Eurogroup and Greece still at odds over financial aid for debt-stricken country

cep expert Kullas still believes, though, that Greece will come to an agreement with its eurozone peers in the end

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