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Britain wants guarantee it won't be penalised for remaining outside of EMU

Chancellor Osborne spells out first changes to EU that British government wants to achieve

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Britain again stresses its desire for EU treaty change

The cep, however, believes it is unlikely that a new EU treaty would be ratified in the 28 member states in time for Britain to hold its planned in/out referendum

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EU Parliament debates plans for Capital Markets Union

EU Commission aims to improve access to financing for, in particular, small and medium-sized enterprises

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"They are not going to give him anything significant"

The cep also believes that Cameron will not be able to push through major changes in the EU

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European Commission wants to diversify the EU's natural gas supply sources

EU Energy Commissioner Canete plans to tap Algeria's huge unexploited reserves

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Germany's Transport Minister says road toll law is in accordance with EU law

"They will push this through now and take their chances," cep expert Goetz Reichert tells German daily Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung

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Juncker says Germany's road toll law appears to violate EU law

cep has been warning since the start of the road toll debate that allowing German car drivers to deduct the toll costs from the vehicle tax they are already paying constitutes an indirect discrimination of foreign EU citizens

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IMF head Lagarde says a Greek exit would probably not be an end to the euro

cep expert Matthias Kullas believes it is right that Lagarde is openly talking about a 'Grexit'

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MEPs and Council of Ministers strike deal on Juncker's investment plan

cep expert Eckhardt says the investment plan will solve none of the real problems

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EU lawmakers narrowly reject draft law on bank structural reform

cep expert Baran warns if there's no consensus found the European Commission might withdraw the bill

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