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ECB ready for decision about new government bond purchasing program

ECB Executive Board member Coeure: "In any case, we will be able to take a decision on 22 January."

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ECB’s bond purchasing program in the limelight this Wednesday

The advocate general of the European Court of Justice will provide his opinion on the legality of the ECB's backstop for sovereign bonds

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Former ECB chief economist attacks central bank over deflation-fighting policies

Declining inflation rates in the eurozone have an effect similar to a tax cut, Juergen Stark argues

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EU's Dombrovskis says France risks sanctions over national budget

France must cut its structural deficit by more than the announced 0.5 percent, the Latvian Commissioner demands

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Poland says new EU investment fund is underfunded

Poland's finance minister wants higher contributions by EU member states to the latest EU investment initiative.

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Germany sees Greece continuing on reform path

A possible eurozone exit of Greece has come into focus again.

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EU Commission to give more details on investment plan

The European Commission is to present concrete proposals on the functioning of the new European Fund for Strategic Investments by January. EU heads of state and governments have given EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker the go-ahead for the...

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EU Environment Ministers aim to reduce CO2 emissions in shipping

International maritime shipping is currently the only transport mode that is not included in the EU's commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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EU Commission approves its working program for 2015

Program lays out guidelines but lacks details

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