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ECB strictly opposes participation in any debt cut for Greece

ECB Executive Board member Coeure: It's absolutely clear that we cannot agree to a debt relief that includes Greek bonds that are located at the ECB

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ECB launches broad-based bond purchasing program

cep expert Van Roosebeke: ECB risks creating bubbles on financial markets and slowing reform efforts in eurozone states

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EU to call Germany to account over minimum wage for foreign truckers

cep expert Sohn: Highway toll for foreigners has failed. Now it will be interesting to see how Germany wants to defend the minimum wage for foreigners

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ECB will most likely adopt government bond purchasing program this week

cep expert Van Roosebeke: Whether the ECB will activate the program right away remains unclear

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Deterioration of Greece’s creditworthiness accelerates

The cepDefault-Index for Greece has now fallen below the level of 2010

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Swiss National Bank ends euro peg in surprise move

cep expert Van Roosebeke sees SNB decision linked to expected massive ECB government bond purchases

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ECJ advocate general gives green light for ECB's bond purchasing program

cep expert Van Roosebeke: One would have preferred clearly defined limits for government bond purchases

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ECB ready for decision about new government bond purchasing program

ECB Executive Board member Coeure: "In any case, we will be able to take a decision on 22 January."

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ECB’s bond purchasing program in the limelight this Wednesday

The advocate general of the European Court of Justice will provide his opinion on the legality of the ECB's backstop for sovereign bonds

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Former ECB chief economist attacks central bank over deflation-fighting policies

Declining inflation rates in the eurozone have an effect similar to a tax cut, Juergen Stark argues

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